Wiff Waff, the table tennis training robot, welcomes you to the website!

let's hit some balls

Hi! The name's Wiff Waff.

You didn't think I was gonna let you step out
on that court by yourself did you?

I'll be here to train you up from rookie to pro then maybe one day you'll win the Table Tennis Touch World Championship.

What are you waiting for ... grab your bat and let's get started!

epic career mode

earn your stripes

Your career kicks off from the garage, with nothing more to your name than an old bat from the lost and found box.

Enter exciting events to earn reputation and new bats as you rise through the ranks of Club, National and International levels, each chocked full of challenges.

Multi-format tournaments, leagues, one-on-one throwdowns and special invitational events will test you to the limit!

Screenshots from Career mode showing: tournament trees, league tables, a binder and the bat selector.

awesome arcade events

Screenshots from the Arcade mini-games showing: Skittles, Little House and Squares.

arcade fun time!

Show off your skills in Wiff Waff's series of mini-games and training setups.

Take on crazy-spinning opponents on mini-tables, knockdown skittles against the clock, try your hand at the old half-table and don't forget the infamous Little House ... you'll need some killer spin to win.

Can you top the leaderboards?

the real table tennis experience


stunning visuals - rich retina graphics and a multitude of detailed arenas to play in. Just remember to keep your eyes on the ball!


advanced AI - go head to head against a roster of uniquely skilled players. You'll need all your talent to outsmart the best!


unrivalled dynamics - play drop shots, topspin drives, curving loops and smashes like a pro. Apply Boost to further enhance your speed and spin!

leaderboards and achievements

challenge your friends

With 15 leaderboards and loads of achievements, you can take on the world via Game Center, Play Games or Game Circle.

But we won't stop there. Coming in Spring 2015, you'll be able to take on your mates in the high octane Multiplayer mode.

Remember, they're only your friends when you're off the table!

Icons for the online leaderboards supported by Table Tennis Touch - Apple's Game Center, Google's Play Games and Amazon's Game Circle.

we are Yakuto

Vanessa Boyce, James Gratton and Jordan Kirk are the developers behind Table Tennis Touch.

Want to know about the team behind Table Tennis Touch?

Head over to the Yakuto blog to find out!

available now on iOS and Android

the wait is now over

Download Table Tennis Touch now!

Wiff Waff sits waiting with anticipation.

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